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Sorry, I tried jumping over one cliché and fell onto another.When the story isn’t being lazy with its characters’ progress or background, it tries TOO hard and ends up being a war and politics philosophy discussion without compelling characters to distract from the fact.

In one of the show’s scenes, Ryner is going out of control for plot reasons while Ferris is trying to snap him out of it.

After she manages to get through to him, Ryner breaks down and starts crying in her arms as the rain suddenly pours.

This scene of clichés doesn’t work since there’s a lack of tells on their progress.

It’s hard to take his tragic past seriously when the show often glosses over it for attempted comedy. When she’s not wrongly calling him a pervert for whatever reason, she’s going on about dango flavors without much else to her character.

Somehow, she has even less background than Ryner, and it doesn’t help that this background is little more than skin service that isn’t even charming, but a forced attempt at being dark and edgy.

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